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About SLS

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Smith Learning Services' mission is to improve educational achievement and performance from the comfort of your own home. Every person that wants help can get help at SLS with our wide array of online educational services. Our success is based on our elite team of trained individuals familiar with all educational avenues, working together towards achieving each client's personal academic goal. Here, we value teamwork, ethic, perseverance, and commitment. Each service SLS offers is tailored to the client to make sure they get to where they need to be. We believe in an end-goal and we want to help you reach it. Smith Learning Services strives to be recognized as the best online educational resource for you and your student. Book a consultation with us today and create your own custom package!

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A letter from the Founder,
Olivia A. Smith, Ph.D.

When I was in high school I was considered an average student, it wasn't until college where I really excelled. I was forced to teach myself how to study, organize, and plan because I didn't utilize or know the resources that were available to me. I knew I would need experience to get into graduate school, so I  was fortunate enough with an opportunity through my fellowship to work under a mentor who gave me a background in child development research, interview/career assistance, scholarship and grant insight, and much more. After being accepted into graduate school, I reached out to an educational consultant and my entire academic framework changed. During my years in graduate school, I trained not only in research, but I worked closely with an esteemed academic services company. They taught me invaluable lessons and shaped my teaching mantra. Upon graduating with my doctorate from the University of Texas at Dallas, I decided it was time to take my passion for educating children and create my own platform. I believe every student can benefit from educational assistance. I created this company to help students with an array of needs including assignment tracking, tutoring, study skills, standardized testing, career exploration, life coaching, etc. The future can be ambiguous, but I truly believe Smith Learning Services can help anyone achieve their academic and career goals. Please take the time to explore our services and reach out with any questions. This company is about being personal and I'd love to hear everyone's story. Send me an email, set up a consultation, and let's chat. 


Olivia A. Smith, Ph.D.

Owner of Smith Learning Services

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