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Standardized Test Preparation

Our online standardized test preparation is one of the major components of our online tutoring umbrella. Test preparation instruction is uniquely specified to each student and their needs. The future can be daunting and whether your preparing for finals, the ACT, GRE, etc. we are here to assist. These sessions are delivered at your convenience via Zoom video conferencing. We will make sure students feel prepared by offering tips and tricks as well as content preparation. We offer simulated practice exams pre/post sessions to track student progression. Additionally, worksheets and study materials will also be provided. Students will learn exam and study strategies they can take with them on future endeavors. It is never too early to prepare and learn these skills. 

 We work at each student's pace and serve all students, grades K-12 as well as college students in this form of virtual learning. How can we help your student get where they need to be?

Here is a list of some standardized tests we offer assistance for:

  • ACT and SAT


  • College Exams

  • High School Exams

  • Entrance Exams

Standardized Test Prep - $45/hr or package*

We specialize in ACT and GRE preparation and can offer custom packages based on time before your scheduled test. We incorporate in-session methods and out-of-session homework to assist students in reaching their target scores.

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