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Dr. Olivia Smith A Renowned Speaker and Educator in Developmental Psychology

Dr. Olivia Smith is a distinguished figure in the field of developmental psychology, known for her extensive research and contributions to the understanding of child and adolescent development. With a focus on coparenting dynamics, conflict interactions, and the impact of interparental relationships on adolescent well-being, Dr. Smith has garnered international recognition for her groundbreaking work.

As an experienced speaker and educator, Dr. Smith is sought-after for her ability to translate complex psychological concepts into actionable content that professionals and educators can apply to real-world challenges. Her expertise has earned her invitations to speak at various national and international events, and she is recognized as an American Psychological Association-approved provider of Continuing Education at the Post Doctoral level.

Dr. Smith's speaking engagements span a wide range of topics related to psychology, parenting, and education. Some of her most popular topics include:

  • Building a Global Network: Conducting International Research as a Graduate Student or Early Career Scholar.

  • Coparenting and Characteristics of Collaborative and Oppositional Mother-Child Conflict.

  • Cumulative Interparental Conflict Risk on Adolescent Depressive Symptoms.

  • The Science of Stress Management and Mindfulness.

  • Interparental and Parent-Child Conflict Predicting Adolescent Depressive Symptoms.

  • The Impact of Parental Distress on Pubertal Timing.

  • Earlier School Start Times as a Risk Factor for Poor School Performance.

Dr. Smith's presentations are known for their enriching content and engaging delivery. Drawing from her background as a peer-reviewed researcher, she incorporates the latest findings from psychological science, making the subject matter relevant and applicable to various audiences. Dr. Smith understands that effective learning occurs when individuals are fully engaged and enjoying themselves. As a result, she takes special care to infuse humor, audience interests, and interactive opportunities into every talk, creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for her attendees.

Her expertise as a psychologist and special educator allows her to bridge the gap between research and practice, bringing the latest insights from the Mind, Brain, and Education movement into the "real world" of professionals and educators. Dr. Smith's talks are known for leaving attendees with actionable strategies that can be implemented to address the challenges they encounter in their respective fields.

Whether she is speaking at professional conferences, continuing education events, or academic meetings, Dr. Smith's presentations leave a lasting impact on her audiences. Her dedication to advancing the field of developmental psychology and her commitment to enriching understanding have solidified her reputation as one of the most respected speakers in the industry.

Recent Publications

Interparental and Parent–Child Conflict Predicting Adolescent Depressive Symptoms.
Journal of Child and Family Studies.

The importance of international collaborative research for advancing understanding of child and youth development. 

Relations between Characteristics of Collaborative and Oppositional Mother-Child Conflict. 

Earlier school start times are associated with higher rates of behavioral problems in elementary schools.

Relations between mothers’ daily work, home, and relationship stress with characteristics of mother-child conflict interactions. 

Earlier school start times as a risk factor for poor school performance: An examination of public elementary schools in the commonwealth of Kentucky. 

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