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Benefits of Tutoring Elementary Students

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

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Tutoring Online

You may be asking yourself as a parent, how do I optimize my child’s learning so that they are able to reach their full potential? Well, you don’t have to look much further than the individual and personalized learning that is offered as an online tutoring service. Online tutoring for elementary students focuses on a customized plan that best fits your child’s learning style. This will help them when working on a variety of school-related activities, help them excel when learning difficult subjects, and cultivate new study habits as their specific learning style is explored.

Online tutoring websites and their services help to provide new resources and tips to assist in developing the skills that are needed for your child to thrive in the world of academia. The primary goal is that they will develop and take these new skills with them into adolescence, which will greatly benefit them in the future when taking higher-level exams and aptitude tests. Online tutoring for elementary students will also be incredibly beneficial in helping children that are struggling to keep up with their classwork, and/or children who are not being challenged enough in class. A personalized plan may help in creating academic activities that stimulate their brain so that boredom does not as easily kick in.

Online tutoring uses remote teachers to provide a private and personalized session catered to your child’s specific needs. Digital course materials are also provided, normally with the option to use apps like Zoom to further connect in a one-on-one setting, which creates a unique virtual tutoring experience for elementary students. You are much more likely to find what you are looking for in a tutor on an online forum than in person, because they range from a wide variety of specialties like math, reading, vocabulary, sciences, etc., and because of proximity.

Online tutoring is a much more versatile option to use in your everyday life, for instance, if you and your child have busy daytime schedules, it can be important that the tutoring session will not interfere but rather offer alternative times that work best for you and your family before or after your daily obligations and activities, plus there is no commute which in 2023 can be a blessing because of the price of fuel, especially if you are someone that lives in a more rural area.

Tutoring elementary students (In general)

The way a child learns is in a state of development, their attention spans are biologically shorter than that of an adult. Most tutoring services for elementary students will craft lesson plans to break down bigger concepts into shorter more digestible ones, so that your little one is able to comprehend them in smaller doses at the start and be able to piece them together down the road. If a child is in a state of overwhelm a good tutor will be helpful in recognizing those signs and further adapting the lesson plan to fit their unique learning style. Elementary-level tutors are positive and enthusiastic with their student, because the students are often more receptive to the learning material when it is introduced in a fun and exciting way. Elementary tutors have strong attributes such as compassion, empathy and understanding. They work to do their best to make sure that the online environment and tutoring experience feels as comfortable as possible for your child so that they will not feel afraid to engage and ask questions about the material given to them.

Benefits of Tutoring Elementary Students

Tutoring helps bored, or under-stimulated children reach their full potential. -Oxford Learnings website.

Below are Oxfords 11 benefits of tutoring.

  1. Improves academic performance:

  2. Improves attitude towards learning and school:

  3. One-on-one attention:

  4. Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning:

  5. Improves work and study habits:

  6. Positive workspace:

  7. Helps overcome learning obstacles:

  8. Improves social and behavioral skills:

  9. Encourage the freedom to ask questions:

  10. Increases ability to manage one’s learning:

  11. Prepares your child for college:

Tutoring has been shown to increase success rates in students over time and boost overall test scores by 12% according to a study conducted by the San Bernadino Valley College . Students that use tutoring services whether online or in-person are known to achieve higher GPAs than their peers that do not list prior tutoring services, these students outperform their peers by nearly ninety percent in subjects including biology, math, chemistry and computer sciences.

Some of the clear benefits of tutoring elementary student, is that ultimately their grades will be improved, and when their needs get focused on they are able to thrive and expand their knowledge. They learn to work at their own pace and gain confidence in doing so, everyone learns a little bit differently than other peers, and learning that that is okay at an elementary level, is also a big takeaway. Building self-esteem at a young age will give them the confidence that they will need, not just in college and the workforce, but also, in almost all other aspects of their future endeavors. Private tutoring sessions have been linked to improving attitudes within students that have initially had trouble in their educational journey. When the student is being shown that they are making progress and moving forward they are eager to expand their knowledge and learn even more.

Children are said to be like sponges, absorbing all the information that they can, it is the tutor’s job to help them navigate, understand and organize what they are receiving and how to retain it all. After leaving the tutoring sessions your child should be taking lifelong skills with them, like learning to take initiative, responsibility, and self-discipline. They will learn to be better communicators and improve their social and behavioral skills, improving their relationships with others. Most tutors at an elementary level will focus on specific needs of the student such as reading, writing, and active listening skills. They will set short term achievable goals and present them to the student in a way that makes it an enjoyable learning experience.

“Evidence that tutoring works.”

A document produced by the Department of Education on the topic of if there is evidence that tutoring works states that, “Tutoring programs that incorporate research-based elements produce improvements in reading achievement; and Tutoring can also lead to improvements in self-confidence about reading, motivation for reading, and behavior in students and among peer or cross-age tutors.” The researchers in these studies generally agree on that which generates the most effective outcome in tutoring geared toward your child’s optimal achievement levels such as, “Frequent and regular tutoring sessions, with each session between 10 and 60 minutes daily; and specially designed interventions for the 17-20% of children with severe reading difficulties.”

According to the information found within this article, a research-based study of a British tutoring program that involved 2,372 elementary and junior high students were tutored by trained parents and some of their trained peers for an average of 8.6 weeks, this improved their reading comprehension by 4.4 times the normal rate. Their word recognition was improved 3.3 times the normal rate, and after the four months of sessions came to an end, the average student was improving at twice the normal rate in both comprehension and word recognition, a clear indicator that something is working.

Another example of how tutoring works for elementary students is that of an after-school tutoring program in which, low-achieving second- and third graders were tutored for one hour, twice each week by university students, retirees, and suburban mothers.” This produced much stronger reading skills than when they had first started their after-school program, this went on for two years after starting the private sessions. In each of two years, the tutored group outperformed a closely matched comparison group on word recognition, passage reading accuracy, and spelling. Fifty percent of the tutored children made a full year’s gain in reading while only 20% of the comparison group children did.”

It seems that there is a link to effective learning at the developmental level, which improves a child’s success rates as they grow older. Tutoring is one of the most effective ways to support struggling students, according to the, “ED RESEARCH FOR, DESIGN PRINCIPLES FOR ACCELERATING STUDENT LEARNING WITH HIGH-IMPACT TUTORING.”

This collection of data shows that tutoring strengthens student-peer and student-teacher relationships exponentially. This leads to greater academic, social, and motivational outcomes. The tutors address the skills needed for the student to swiftly move through the course material related to their grade level. Tutors can take on the role of catching struggling students up, while taking some of the pressure off of the classroom teachers and allowing them to maintain the pace of their instruction.” The Delivery mode of that which is being presented by the tutor was noted as being an important factor of learning. ​​Design Principles for Accelerating Student Learning With High-Impact Tutoring - EdResearch for Action

After all this information are you still asking yourself the question about how to help in your children’s academic success? You’ve seen the statistics and read the many benefits that are associated with and provided through the customized learning option that is tutoring. By carefully selecting a tutor that will best fit your children’s learning styles and needs, will give them the advantages that they need to thrive in a school related setting and even beyond. Are you ready to take the leap into finding tutoring for your elementary student?

If you are looking for a supplemental learning option that will increase your child’s success rates in and outside of the classroom, book a free consultation with Smith Learning Services today!

Here at Smith Learning Services LLC, we offer a variety of tutoring services compatible with your child’s learning style, in order to fit their individualized needs. We help to craft a convenient and customizable plan that works around your family’s schedule, while also providing a toolbox full of resources, tips and tricks to aid in their success. Our commitment is to help guide them in unlocking their full potential and to strengthen their skills on their journey to achieve greatness. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your child’s education is in good hands with us, we would love to be able to help them in their journey through the world of academia. We strive to see them thrive!

Further Resources.

Resource for AD/HD, related to tutoring and academic outcomes.

In a study done by the National Library of Medicine, it was concluded that approximately 16% of elementary school children display frequent inattention and/or poor concentration. When there is a diagnosis of a condition such as AD/HD it has an impact on that child’s educational success. “Up to 80% of students with this diagnosis exhibit academic performance problems and, “studies of young adults with AD/HD reveal a substantially higher history of grade retention, placement in special education, and dropping out of school relative to their peers.”

Depending on the income of a household, finding a tutor can be hard and stressful on the parental figure or guardian. However, your child will likely benefit from getting personalized support on their math, reading, or another academic subject. If your child is struggling with study skills, reading, writing or organization, a good tutor can also help refocus your child and help them catch up on their schoolwork. Here is a resource to investigate if you are dealing with financial struggles. How to find free or low-cost tutoring for your child |

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